You think you have defeated me? The plan is already in motion. I will return...
— Azurewrath, after being defeated in battle.

Azurewrath Edit

Azurewrath dons purple and pitch black armor, and wears a hooded helm with two horns coming out of the side, on his shoulder he has 2 dark purple spikes, while his torso has a black dot in the middle. He is the Ruler of Spike Castle, and commands the Periastron Knights. Upon meeting You, he forces You through his trials in an attempt to convert You to whatever faction he's a part of.

Boss Information Edit

Chases down the nearest player while performing standard sword attacks. Fires three energy discs in the direction he is facing. Rapidly releases three high-damage shockwaves. Gains a forcefield and causes an explosion around him, dealing insta-kill damage.

Name Description
Energy Discs Azurewrath fires three energy discs in the direction he is facing, dealing high damage.
Triple Shockwave Azurewrath rapidly releases three high-damage shockwaves around him, dealing high damage.
Detonation Azurewrath gains a forcefield, then stops moving and causes an explosion around him, dealing insta-kill damage to anyone nearby.

Crisis Mode Edit

Face my true power!
— Azurewrath, entering Crisis Mode.

When Azurewrath is at half of his full health, he enters Crisis Mode, healing himself back up to full health. In Crisis Mode, Azurewrath's attacks occur much more frequently.

Trivia Edit

-Azurewrath was supposedly following orders from a superior to try and convert You. He also claims that he will somehow return in the future. Perhaps the chapter's title of "Dark Illusions" might hint at something here?