BFS OC Contest

The BFS OC Contest has now concluded! Congrats to the winners! All current OCs will remain locked for archiving purposes. If you wish to continue editing your OC, create a new blog post and repost your OC.

The BFS Wiki is currently hosting an OC Contest! The winner of the contest has a chance at their non-canon chapter being added in BFS. To submit your OC, create a blog post detailing the contents of your OC, then leave a message on fyzu's or Thundermaker300's profile. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Must be a new "master" as the main focus of a non-canon chapter.
  • Must include design, personality, backstory, and abilities.
  • Can include boss fight mechanics as well
  • Must make sense within the established lore of Chapters 1-7
  • Deadline for submitting is January 1st, 2017, 12AM PST. After that all blog posts will be locked to prevent further editing.

OC chapters that have been submitted into the contest will be listed below the line.

Format the blog post as shown below:

  • Name the blog post the name of the OC you're adding
  • Add the {{OCSubmission}} template at the very top of the blog post (go to the source mode in the classic editor and put "{{OCSubmission}}" at the top of the page).
  • Be sure to include a {{Infobox Character}} with no errors and filled out correctly
  • Include enough info (eg. The amount of info on Baller, Piercer, etc.)

Click here if you need help formatting your infobox.

Name Submission
Zultraalzul (HataNo_Kokoro) Sizeis
Beta Meta Knight (colossaldude135) 3rd Shielder
Fyzu 1st Eira Kaeliyah
Quujo1 Kaz
Alliazu (alexdavid4) Portaler
Simonyoshi64 Myster
RifoMan (HastheHero) 2nd Crossbower
SolarTehc SolarTech
MewtheChica Aura Stellar
Daggyer (theggyer) Verdor
EvilJacobthehero2013 Drak Bowen Airrow
UncreativeName123 Slinger
RukatuDelphox (RukatuKDH) Feng
CherryChadia (CherryLoverChadia) Ignatius
xXsosticeXx Zephyr Loginus
MeesturTheoFroggy (DeadDang) Hedonizer
TheGentlemaniac Sir Morning
Tratosian (Umbra_Crowspike) Equa
JoestarBrando (emeruga) Holzmann
Acidika (sugarknife) Reaper
DeathOfMidnight (Hulkschoollover123) Sinister
Falltz Ultraz