Best 'till last!
— Baller, introducing his class.

The Baller is equipped with a dodgeball as his weapon. It doesn't sound intimidating, but it packs quite a punch. The lightness of the dodgeball also allows Baller to run the fastest. To compensate, the Baller has the least health of the classes. He also does the same base damage as a slicer.

Tier Skill Description Cooldown Image
1 Triple Throw Throws three higher-damage dodgeballs in quick succession. 4 seconds
2 Mega Sphere Baller summons a giant dodgeball 3x the size of his regular one, and throws it in front of him. 15 seconds
3 ??? Not released yet ???
4 ??? Not released yet ???


-Baller was considered by many to be the most overpowered class in the beta, due to his high damage accompanied by his high speed, making it easy for him to dodge enemy attacks whilst providing decent DPS.

-Due to the aforementioned overpoweredness of Baller, Baller was hit with several nerfs in BFS, including a nerf to his firerate and his aiming mechanics.

-For some reason, after throwing a ball, Baller immediately has another dodgeball in his hand, despite never being shown taking a new one out. It is unknown if this is intentional, a glitch, or the result of SuperCloud9 being lazy with his animations.

-Baller's Mega Sphere needs to be aimed higher above the ground due to its size, otherwise the ball will spawn whilst touching the floor, and will despawn immediately.

-SuperCloud9 originally intended one of Baller's skills to be Ball Cyclone, an attack where Baller summons a tornado of balls around him. It was scrapped due to animation limitations; however, it may make a return as a Tier 3 skill.

-zydo3904 and jjwon12 are the current Baller champions.

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