• C%^u)*(*l)0ŕ


    November 24, 2019 by C%^u)*(*l)0ŕ

    Jack is a young boss and equinoxian, he is a smart boss with a complex AI similar to Baller's but he jumps a lot. 

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  • C%^u)*(*l)0ŕ

    Card King

    November 24, 2019 by C%^u)*(*l)0ŕ

    Card King is a boss.

    - Battle= |imagecaption = Him in his rouge costume. |boss = yes |title = Card King |firstapp = 9| |allegiance = Card Kingdom |theme = [- Nock em] Royal Powers: [Kitty - Power Trip] Phantom Aura: [- Killstealer] |health = 1250000 |skills = Aura Bullets Speed Quake Aurora Field Power Smash |immunities = (Darkheart heals him) |difficulty = 7 |xp = 35000 |points = 50000 |pp = 9001}}

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  • C%^u)*(*l)0ŕ

    Note: This is fanmade and is based on the boss, Reflectar.

    Underground rounds is a event where you have to go down to the bottom and battle stronger and stronger foes.

    King: Hey, you, you know when I said about real life counterparts?

    You: Yeah, do we have to fight another guy?

    King: Yep!

    You: Ok, is it that Zombie?

    King: No, his nickname is Reflectar, we haven't known much but apparently I've heard he lives underground and wants to steal the Korblox gems.

    You: I'm ready!

    King: *teleports to muddy hole*

    You: God, a puzzle.

    King: Well, it's up to you you to do it.

    Baller: Can I come!

    King: When were you here?

    Baller: I don't remember.

    King: Fine.

    Baller: *completes Block Puzzle*

    You: *completes Puzzle*

    You: Baller, lets go there maybe.

    Baller:The King wants…

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  • C%^u)*(*l)0ŕ


    November 5, 2019 by C%^u)*(*l)0ŕ

    Crafter is a rejected student of The King of Draco, therefore, he went rogue and travelled neutral.

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  • NoobZillaKaiju


    December 26, 2018 by NoobZillaKaiju

    "Heh you think you can fight me my mana level is 1,000,000"


    Varies Between forms /1st: 2 star / 2nd: 3 star / 3rd: 5 star / final: 5 star/ /Max F: 7 star / SS: 10 star/

    1st: Form 100,000 / 2nd: 300,000/ 3rd: 750,000 / Final: 1,000,000 / Max Power Final: 1,500,000/

    Sunset Form: 5,750,000/

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  • RobloxianBroDylan

    Anam Zezra

    August 18, 2018 by RobloxianBroDylan

    [ "I will Destroy you then Aura Stellar!" Anam Zezra: Anam Is a Rival of Aura Stellar He Is Slightly more powerful though He has a dark heart sword. He is the hardest boss If he gets added! Difficulty This cannot be explained by stars He is 11/10 difficulty Boss Information Walkspeed: 50 Damage: 70-100 Health: 4,000,000 (in normal form) 5,000,000 (in crisis mode) heals back to 5,000,000 when he goes to 999,999 hp starting the final phase. Skills: 5 in normal, 8 in crisis(+ 3) , and 10 in mega crisis (+2).

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  • Joy cliff dowling


    July 9, 2018 by Joy cliff dowling

    Since BFS Is Getting Cancelled, How Long Will It Be Until The Dev Of The Game Will Come Back To It To Back More Updates, Some Time Or Forever?

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  • Cherylfrancis3000
    • consider this as an opinion, not a real imagined story.
    • feel free to post comments about how you feel when you hear the song while playing the game (try to download videos as audio or listen them directly from youtube if you have a fast enough connection)
    • some chapters are missing since I'm not sure about the songs I should mention there

    • imagine you play Boss Fighting Stages while hearing various Touhou Music listed below per event of the game.

    • Intro Scene + Black Box Pathway to Tower - TD Stage 2 Theme
    • Wave: Noob-looking Minions - TD Stage 3 Theme
    • Wave: Chartreuse's Minions - TD Stage 3 Theme
    • Boss: VS Chartreuse - TD Stage 2 Boss Theme
    • Wave: Grimgold's Minions - TD Stage 3 Theme
    • Boss: VS Grimgold - TD Stage 2 Boss Theme
    • Wave: Grimgold's Minions - T…

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  • CraftWarrior2

    How to use Dodging

    November 24, 2017 by CraftWarrior2

    I know that most people don't use it. they just stand around and attack the boss until they die. But dodging is VERY important. I killed Dezeadon and Arcane Warlock at full power solo, and would have lost if I didn't dodge.

    The basics on how to make the dodge acually happen. press W twice to dodge forward, press S twice to dodge backwards, press A twice or Q once to dodge left, and press D twice or E once to dodge right.

    First, use it the way you are supposed to. Are they shooting stuff at you? Dodge! Trying to stab you? Dodge!

    Second, you can use dodging for movement. If they are about to lauch AOE attack, and you are playing as a slow character, you can use dodging to get out of there fast. If you are at low health, you can also use it to e…

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  • TheGentlemaniac

    henlo. So a while back i made a OC for the OC contest called Sir Morning. While it was original and styled well it lacked two important things. AN ACTUAL CHAPTER AND BALANCE. So today i will be fixing those things. (hooray?) I mean better late then never amirite

    Sir Morning is a knight with one goal. Finding his own sunlight and help other people find their sunlight. He is seen as a jolly and care free person. Although when you insult the sun or don't accept it he gets annoyed and he becomes a bit more aggressive towards you. He will do anything to his goal of finding his own sunlight even if he has to kill a few people.

    When Sir Morning was young he was confused on what to do. He knew how to fight well, he knows how to use his mana and he w…

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  • Zultraalzul

    "Thz'at Kulues fellow back before yer great granny wuz even born messed up mah friends an' da King of Shiriko. Now he's all up an-a hollaring inside of me!'" A spirit who wields dual scythes, a primarily black and orange scythe with a teal coating on the blade named Bli and a primarily white and teal scythe with an orange coating on the blade named Fli, he boasts both of physical as well as magical prowess, and a hard country accent. Sizeis' scythes aren't physical manifestations of his mana, they were specifically crafted to take in Sizeis' mana and brutally weaponize it into a mess of lethal energy. Originally born in peasentry of a old kingdom named Shiriko, his youth was spent plowing fields with a scythe, and dreams of valor and glory…

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  • Daggyer

    Oc for the heck of it

    February 21, 2017 by Daggyer


    Normal= - Battle= - Battle Phase 2= }} |boss= yes |title= Master of the pitchfork |firstapp= |allegiance= N/A |theme= Battle:Waterflame - Clutterfunk

    Battle phase 2:Waterflame - Sky Fortress

    |health= 1,400,000 |skills= |immunities= |difficulty= 6 |xp= |pp= }}

    Scarhcrow is a scarecrow with an old looking wizard hat and a face with stitching for a mouth, which makes him struggle to speak a normal voice. His choice of weapon would be a Pitch fork.

    Scarhcrow was never a normal scarecrow, living in a farm, which had got attacked by unknown forces which killed his owner, this owner had an unknown force of power which can turn anything into a living t…

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  • Calibrius

    New to The BFS Wiki

    January 26, 2017 by Calibrius

    Hi, I'm Calibrius. Most of you may not know me very well, but I'm new to this wiki. I like to help and contribute for some pages. If any of you can send me a page that needs serious editing, post it on my profile's message wall to PM me. :3

    Anyways, that's it. Have a wonderful day :D

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  • Viriden

    Portaler (Post-OC Contest)

    January 7, 2017 by Viriden

    This is from a backed up version from the 29th of November. Expect features that isn't on the original post.

    Portaler is an original character (OC) made by alexdavid4. It was originally participated for, "BFS OC Contest". It came 4th place tied with Hedonizer.

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    - Rift Form=

    - Rift Form (Battle)=

    }} |title = Daughter of The Portaler Master |firstappearance = None |allegiance = Radesultor Cemn |theme = cornandbeans - Rose (Normal Form) cornandbeans - Blaze (Rift Form) |health = 1648325 |immunities= |difficulty= 6 |skills = 10 }}

    Portaler is a female character wearing Navy Blue shirt with black pants. Has yellow skin, her only weapon are portals which warps hazardous stuff such as falling meteors onto her enemies or her sparr…

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  • UncreativeName123

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    }} |title = Xuetul Revolutionary |firstapp = |allegiance = Xuetul |theme = |health = |skills = 4 |immunities = |difficulty = |xp = |pp = |boss= }}

    Note: This blog post will merely finish up the unfinished version of Slinger's entry for the OC Contest. This page does not count towards the OC Contest itself.

    Chapter plot can be found here.

    Slinger is a revolutionary from the town of Xuetul. Slinger dons an eyepatch on his right eyes and sports a scar on his left cheek. He is dressed in a light purple shirt and black pants. He carries a slingshot as his choice of weapon.

    Gaining rule in Xuetul was a relatively straightforward process. All you had to do was garner enough power and basically overthrow the one already in cha…

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  • UncreativeName123

    Within the lands of Draco laid Xuetul, a small kingdom with several villages laid around it's outskirts both living off agriculture in the form of grown crops. Unfortunately, the land around Xuetul only had so many reasources to go around with most of it going to the villages. As a result, Xuetul's first ruler, Kezus had to do something. Kezus began to start taking large percentages of crops from the villages to be sent to Zelia, the capital of Xuetul, who stated, "Simply put, you give us crops, we protect you. It's that simple.". While most of the villages felt uneasy about this new policy, they didn't have a choice as unlike Xuetul itself, the villages did not have strong weapons that would be able to fend off monsters and invaders. Soon…

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  • RifoMan

    Crossbower Chapter Plot

    January 2, 2017 by RifoMan

    • "You" and the masters quickly rush into the castle.*

    You : "King!"

    • Some guards are injured on the ground while king was missing from his throne.*

    Slicer : "What happened here?!"

    Baller : "Well, whatever happened here, it sure wasn't peaceful."

    Crusher : "Guys! Help me get the guards up!"

    Guard : " T... The..."

    Baller : "Get over here! The guard's trying to say something!"

    Guard : "The spirits... They attacked us..."

    Peircer : "Spirits... but why?"

    Guard : "They attacked hard... We couldn't stand againts it."

    You : "Oh no... What happened to King?"

    Guard : "They... captured him."

    Slicer : "This is bad... is there any way to beat them?"

    Piercer : "Wait... could we use Arzen?"

    Baller : "Well, we could... But, how are we able to get Arzen?"

    Guard : "I've hear…

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  • XXsosticeXx

    Chapter Mechanics

    January 1, 2017 by XXsosticeXx

    As You and King walk down the straight path to the palace. You will see a split path with two doors one with a sword engraved on it and one with a magic circle engraved on it and one in the middle that is locked with chains. Which door you head in is what the majority chooses once done the chosen door will open and you can progress.

    In this world teleportation takes three times the mana making you be drained of mana really fast if used in quick succesion and or in longer distances so King can't use teleportation as much here as he would in the normal world.

    As you walking down a long corridor you will see an end that leads to a big arena after entering a barrier will rise. this is where you will meet your first encounter with enemies called Z…

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  • XXsosticeXx

    Chapter plot

    January 1, 2017 by XXsosticeXx

    King - Hey sorry for the delay had to deal with a little problem.

    Slicer - What was the problem King?

    King - Nothing really just a tiny thing that I had to do before I came back.

    King - While I was gone what did you guys discuss and did the training go well.

    Piercer - The training went well he passed with absoulte flying colors we all doubted he could have done it he suprised us. anyhow both arcane and dezadon came and "you" asked some questions about they different types of spirits that roam around and the also talked about A-

    King - Arzen...

    (Flashback of Zephyr having his back turned)

    Piercer - Im sorry for bringing it up we all know how you are with this topic....

    King - Its fine this was gonna happen sooner or later and on top of that I don't think "…

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  • Falltz

    Ultraz Chapter Plot

    December 31, 2016 by Falltz

    We find Ultraz walking around when he finds "you" and start to question him "HEY! YOU OVER THERE" yells out Ultraz to "you" "what, who are you" says "you" "my name is Ultraz, I've been trying to find you for around a week now, I was thinking someone by the name of Kadee would of killed you. but it looks like you're a ok amigo!" "you" then looks at him as if Ultraz is a complete weirdo "Whelp, I need to at least find out if that is the real 'you' and not some phony" you then fight Ultraz He has three skills that he uses

    (Skill #1) he jumps into the air Once he lands he says "Watch out!" he then starts shooting around himself. Only managing to do one spin before needing to reload his pistols. Making bullets going into every single direction o…

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  • DeathOfMidnight


    December 31, 2016 by DeathOfMidnight


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  • Daggyer

    Shapenor x A sharpener

    December 27, 2016 by Daggyer


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  • Oddylia

    Blog Post

    December 27, 2016 by Oddylia
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  • CherryChadia

    The chapter starts with a small cutscene of crusher running trough the front gates of the castle. King, You, Piercer and Slicer turn their heads to Crusher that just ran in.


    Crusher: Guys! We have a MASSIVE problem!

    Slicer: What's wrong crusher?

    Crusher: B-Baller..

    Slicer: Baller?

    Crusher: He's gone!!

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  • Ironhide2962


    December 22, 2016 by Ironhide2962

    Blader. Blader

    Blader is a adolescent with yellow skin, and a helmet.


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  • DeathOfMidnight


    December 21, 2016 by DeathOfMidnight

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    }} |boss= yes |title= The Soul Gatherer |firstapp= |allegiance= Sin Army |theme= Brave Frontier - Warrior's Will |health= 2250000 |skills= 11 |immunities= |difficulty= 8 |xp= 22000 |pp= 3800 }}

    Sinister wears a black hood and a black bandanna.He also has glowing yellow eyes and wears red armour.

    As being the soul gatherer,Sinister is extremely violent.Though,he is complimentary and unlike others,he always wants to accept battles and is craving for more training and power.Not much is also known about Sinister.

    Sinister has been created by thousands of souls,including giving him the power of gathering souls.Due to this,Sinister has man…

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  • Daggyer

    Verdor's Chapter Plot

    December 13, 2016 by Daggyer

    You encounter the castle from chapter 3 but this time it looks way more buffed with lots of obstacles, you remember when azurewrath said his superior would be disappointed? this is the chapter when you will be meeting his superior for the first time, you'll have to defeat all 3 bosses and find their gems, the gems are placed randomly across the arena of the first, second and third floor, after you find them you can continue to the next floor until you fight Verdor himself. You and crusher, baller , piercer and slicer encounter the castle from chapter 3

    You: Isn't this the castle we fought Azurewrath in?

    Crusher: It seems that someone is back for revenge

    King: Don't you guys remember when Azurewrath said His superior would be disappointed, well I…

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  • EvilJacobthehero2013

    The King had revived a letter that The Lord of the Shadows has been released and is trying to destroy him once again. Crusher said that it will be way too easy for them to stop since LotS is very weak, however The King mention that someone was assassinating many of the King's followers and warriors. He asked You and the masters to find LotS and the assassin and defeat them. Piercer asked who that person was. The King described him that he was almost like him, but more dark like. Piercer realize that person was actually his long lost brother, Drak, saying that he was taken by The LotS and believed that he might have trained him to be a member of his army. Once Piercer finish his story, The King teleports them to Drak's location, Dracshadowi…

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  • Falltz


    December 6, 2016 by Falltz

    You can find the chapter plot here.

    Ultraz wears a blue suit with a white undershirt and a blue tie. His suit has large dark blue clover on it, He has black hair, wears a headset which seems to not be connected to anything and what seems like one piece sunglasses to hide his eyes. He normally thinks to much of himself which normally ends out to the enemies favor. Sometimes he breaks the fourth wall without knowing that he has broken the forth wall this means that he knows that someone is controlling "you", as he thinks this is just some game and not a serious fight. He also really likes to say Dorarara... No one knows why.

    Ultraz is a decently ranged character so he normally won't try to get close, kind of like piercer and baller. He's prett…

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  • TheGentlemaniac

    It was a hot day in the spirit realm where the spirit duo lies in agony of the heat.

    "Why is it so hot?" Dezadon asked. "Well maybe you should take off your armour you know.", said Arcane Warlock,

    "Shut up,", said Dezadon trying to avoid the question, "You're sweating as much as me."

    "Why did you avoid the question Dez?"

    "Hey, you know we should get some ice cream, it's a pretty good time since it's hot down here."

    "Avoiding the question again but sure, why not."


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  • Fyzu

    Eira Chapter Plot

    December 5, 2016 by Fyzu

    The first encounter consists of a large gate built into a cliff, with a mana barrier maintained by cultists on the other side. The barrier allows cultists to come out, but no one can enter. The door opens into a central pit area about 2/3 the size of the spirit arena. On the side of the pit opposite to the door is a stairway that leads up to a large circular landing. Branching off of that landing are two walkways bordering the edges of the central pit that slope upwards towards the top of the cliff. Players will need to parkour through certain sections of the walkways and fight through a few cultists in order to reach the top. At the bottom of each walkway is a brazier with a lit fire, and along the walkways will be three torches on each s…

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  • Zultraalzul

    Sizeis' Chapter Plot

    December 4, 2016 by Zultraalzul

    Link to Sizeis

    The King calls on the player to tell him urgent news, the Slash Fortress that was recovered had suddenly been taken over by powerful monsters, along with the revival of McSlash. While warning the player about the recent news of group comprised of three people who had called themselves the "Devastators of Kretz", and that they might be linked to the current events.

    The King calls upon the player for an emergency, informing him about the recent attack on the newly recovered Slash Fortress, how reports were given on powerful monsters appearing and McSlash had been revived. Slicer travels with the player in hopes of meeting McSlash to settle the last of his regrets, however before they head off the King tells the player on the rec…

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  • Beta Meta Knight

    The main antagonists of my Non-Canon chapter: Gladiator Defense. The enemies mainly consist of Redcliff Knights, with 2 Bosses.

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  • JoestarBrando


    December 2, 2016 by JoestarBrando


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  • Acidika


    December 2, 2016 by Acidika


    Normal = - Battle = }}

    |boss= yes |title= The Master Reaper |firstapp= 8 |allegiance= None |theme= Perturbator - Diabolus Ex Machina |health= 1000000 |skills= 3 |immunities= |difficulty= 7 |xp= 10000 |pp= 500 }}

    Reaper has bright yellow skin with a red torso and black legs. She has red curly hair and wears a black hood over the top. Her eyes are red and she wears an eye-patch over her left eye, she also bears sharp teeth. Reaper also dons a black coat with red lining and a collar with a grey bow and has a pair of black feathery wings protruding from her back.

    Reaper's weapon takes the appearance of a large cybernetic metal scythe with three red blades.

    Reaper is a quiet and unusual person. She a…

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  • Tratosian


    December 2, 2016 by Tratosian


    Normal= - Battle= - Awakened= }}

    |boss= yes |title= The keeper of light and dark |firstapp= 0 |allegiance= Neutral |theme= TBD |health= 1500000 |skills= 5 |immunities=

    |difficulty= 7 |xp= ? |pp= ? }}

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  • TheGentlemaniac

    Sir Morning

    December 2, 2016 by TheGentlemaniac

    Sir Morning is a knight with one goal. Finding his own sunlight and help other people find their sunlight. He is seen as a jolly and care free person. Although when you insult the sun or don't accept it he gets annoyed and  he becomes a bit more aggressive towards you. He will do anything to his goal of finding his own sunlight even if he has to kill a few people.

    When Sir Morning was young he was confused on what to do. He knew how to fight well, he knows how to use his mana and he was satisfied on where he was. So what to do after that, he thought. He thought about this for about one year. He learned about how to control sunlight into his weapon and then it finally hit him like a rock. He wasn't searching for his light. So he decided to s…

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  • MeesturTheoFroggy

    The Hedonizer

    December 2, 2016 by MeesturTheoFroggy

    - Hedonizer=

    - Apollo=

    - Daphne=

    }} |title = Unknown |firstapp = |allegiance = Paraphilia Ensembla |theme = Hoshina Anniversary - See-Through |health = 1000000 |skills = 3 |immunities = |difficulty = 5 |xp = 10000 |pp = 500 |boss=no }}

    The Hedonizer is a man of unknown age and origin with pale white skin. His eyes are concealed behind a pair of black aviators and his teeth are prominently clenched in a nigh-expressionless visage. Atop his head lies a black stetson with fluorescent pink banding. He dons a sleeveless hot pink shirt and black trousers. The Hedonizer's weapon of choice is an oversized black leather S&M paddle with pink outlining and the shape of a heart carved into the business end.

    The Hedonizer is accompanied by two ghostly enti…

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  • Beta Meta Knight

    This Non-Canon Chapter, "Gladiator Defense" takes place at Shielder's Coliseum. "You" must help Crusher and Shielder defend against invading Redcliff Knights, who are trying to destroy Shielder's Father's sacred treasure, a magic bell that can soothe one's spirit. Redcliff's motive to destroy this bell is unknown, most likely that they want to spite Shielder or they just plain hate it.

    "You" is called to the King's throne, where he has a request.

    -You: "Alright, I'm here. What's the situation?"

    -King: "It seems that Crusher needs your help, but he didn't really explain what it was."

    Crusher walks in.

    -Crusher: "Sorry I'm late, I had to do something."

    -You: "Crusher, what's the problem?"

    -Crusher: "Well, my friend has recently sent me a distress l…

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  • XXsosticeXx

    Zephyr Loginus

    December 2, 2016 by XXsosticeXx

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    - Limiter Release =

    }} |title = One Of The Strongest Beings In Draco |firstapp = |allegiance = King's Faction |theme = Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST - Caius's Theme
    Limiter Release 30%: Last Battle - from Romancing SaGa 2 ~ Re:Birth II / Romancing SaGa Battle Arrange |health = 2500000 |skills = 16 |immunities = |difficulty = 8 |xp = 24000 |pp = 600 }}

    Zephyr wears a blue Guardia with a very fuzzy cape and has a dark blue chest plate while his arms and face are imbued with white mana type armor and he has gray pants. He is very cheerful most the time and delighted to see new people in his presence he will only use the full extent of his power when there is a dire problem and or if he gets angered.

    Zephyr had grown to be one o…

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  • CherryChadia


    December 1, 2016 by CherryChadia

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    - Lost Soul=

    - Vallion=

    }} |title= |firstapp= |allegiance= Kingdom of Roala |theme= Normal:LEAF XCEED Music Division - Guitar vs. Piano Lost Soul:eXceed3rd-JADE PENETRATE-BLACK PACKAGE OST ~ Intersect Thunderbolt |health= 1750000 |skills= 6 |immunities= |difficulty= 7 |xp = 12500 |pp = 500 }}

    My mother language is NOT english, so mistakes might appear often. (lol i suck at writing)

    Ignatius is the leader from a small kingdom in the middle of a corrupted dimension called Roala. Despite him being the leader, he is still very young even if it may not look like that. His usual attire consists of a black cape resting on his shoulders and a chocolate brown hood which his horns coated with lava just pierce right through. His pants…

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  • RukatuDelphox


    December 1, 2016 by RukatuDelphox

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    }} |boss= yes |title= The Wind Swiper |theme= Dr. Fetus' Castle - Super Meat Boy OST |health= 950000 |skills= 5 |immunities= |difficulty= 7 |xp= 95000 |pp= 950 }}

    Feng is a late adolescent.  He has white skin, wears a green t-shirt, and black pants.  He dons a fedora and a pendent with an emerald in it.  His weapon of choice is a spear.

    Feng is highly intelligent and has a very serious personality.  He tends to look for a battle with a random person or group and interrupts people .  In battles, he is able to predict the enemy’s next move and immediately attack them.

    Feng lived in a small village with his parents and is youngest out of his two brothers.  As a child, Feng had no friends. His parents would not let him out of th…

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  • UncreativeName123


    December 1, 2016 by UncreativeName123

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    }} |title = Xuetul Revolutionary |firstapp = |allegiance = Xuetul |theme = |health = |skills = 4 |immunities = |difficulty = |xp = |pp = |boss= }}

    Slinger is a revolutionary from the town of Xuetul. Slinger dons an eyepatch on his right eyes and sports a scar on his left cheek. He is dressed in a light purple shirt and black pants. He carries a slingshot as his choice of weapon.

    Gaining rule in Xuetul was a relatively straightforward process. All you had to do was garner enough power and basically overthrow the one already in charge. Problem was, the current rebel turned ruler, named Arthos, was a very harsh ruler who often got anyone who went against him or his laws punished setting an example to the other citizens.…

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  • Daggyer


    December 1, 2016 by Daggyer

    - Verdor=

    - Bowler=

    - Doom= |thumb]]|50x50px]] }} |title = The Master of Katanas |firstapp = |allegiance = The Friend trio |theme = Verdor: [1]
    Bowler: [2]
    Doom: [3] |health = 1500000 |skills = 7 |immunities = |difficulty = 9 |xp = 10000 |pp = 500 }}

    He wears pitch black pants, a sleeveless royal purple shirt and a black bowtie to top it off. On his head rests a grey tophat with a shiny purple band around it that covers up a decent amount of his dark purple hair. At last, around his neck is his trusty old purple scarf. Very simple weapons include an old trusty purple katana not very complicated but it's his choice of weapon after all and that's his first weapon he had ever gotten. He has a group called the friend trio he is currently the ma…

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  • MewtheChica


    December 1, 2016 by MewtheChica

    - Normal= - Advanced= - Oversoul=

    }} |title = Former Master of Aura |firstapp = |allegiance = The Darkin |theme = Normal: FFRK - Blinded By Light
    Advanced: Bravely Second OST - New Asterisk Boss Battle
    Oversoul: FFX - Challenge |health = 4000000 |skills = 3 |immunities = |difficulty = 8 |xp = 15000 |pp = 500 }}

    - Normal= - Advanced= }} |title = Hover |allegiance = Aura Stellar |theme = Normal: Rooftop Run~Sonic Generations
    Advanced: Night of Nights |health = 1500000 |skills = 4 |immunities = |difficulty = 7 |xp = 15000 |pp = 350 }} - Normal= - Advanced= }}

    |title = Cleaver |allegiance = Aura Stellar |theme = Normal: Defiers of Fate
    Advanced: Saber's Edge ~ FFXIII |health = 1500000 |skills = 4 |immunities = |difficulty = 7 |xp = 15000…

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  • RifoMan


    November 30, 2016 by RifoMan

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    - Hunter's Deed=

    }} |title = The Crossbow Master |firstapp = |allegiance = Independent |theme = 1st Phase :猫叉Master 「Scars of FAUNA」 2nd Phase :【音ゲーアレンジ】FLOWER -SPRING- |health = 3000000 |skills = 8 |immunities =

    |difficulty = 8 |xp = 40000 |pp = 600 }}

    Crossbower is a white cat wearing a dusty rose shirt, a greek canvas hat and a red scarf. He uses a crossbow as his weapon. The bolt is coloured red. He doesn't act serious most of the time. He always points out the things he's never seen before.

    After Crossbower was abadoned by his owners, he went out to find some new owners. He ended up being adopted by a family of hunters, the hunters trained him in different hunting skills, after a few years, they sent him to hunter schoo…

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  • SolarTehc


    November 30, 2016 by SolarTehc


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  • EvilJacobthehero2013


    Chapter Plot here. It's still WIP.

    Drak is Piercer's Lost brother and the secret and most strongest member of the Shadow Army.

    - Normal=

    - Battle=

    - Shadow=


    |title = Piercer's Lost Brother |firstapp = |allegiance = Shadow Army |theme = Two Steps From Hell - Breaking
    Shadow Mode: gmtn. (witch's slave) - artefatto vita |health = 1600000 |skills = 7 |immunities = |difficulty = 8 |xp = 45000 |pp = 750}}

    Drak Bowen Airrow is the secret member of the Shadow Army. He has yellow skin, and wears a purple torso and black pants. He has purple hair matching his torso. He dons a purple hood with a cape. He plans on taking down the King and the masters once and for all with his elite shadow minions, and also wanted his revenge on Pierc…

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  • Simonyoshi64


    November 29, 2016 by Simonyoshi64

    -A setence that Myster may say.

    (Sorry if my english is bad, i actauly come from France, so...) - Normal=

    - Battle=

    }} |title = The Mysteliate(s) Master |firstapp = |allegiance = |theme = Paper Mario Color Splash - Iggy Battle |health = 600,000 |skills = 3 |immunities = |difficulty = 6 |xp = ? |pp = ? }}

    Myster is the Mysteliate master, basicly he use mysteliates but in his own way.Myster have a yellow skin and wear a Deep orange shirt, a Reddish brown pants, also wear a "Honorbreaker" hat and have a "Nervous" face. ; On first thoughts, he could be named Mysteliater but instand he prefer being called Myster for his personal reasons; using mysteliates as his own advantage, infact he is able to jump on them, sit on them, attack with th…

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  • Viriden


    November 29, 2016 by Viriden



    - Battle=

    }} |title = Daughter of The Portaler Master |firstappearance = None |allegiance = Radesultor Cemn |theme = F-777 ~ Dreams Of Peace |health = 1528310 |difficulty = 6 |immunities = }}

    Portaler is a female character wearing Navy Blue shirt with black pants. Has yellow skin, her only weapon are portals which warps hazardous stuff such as falling meteors onto her enemies or her sparring partner. Her portals appeared to be a dark ocean-like blue gate with a lighter shade outlines, and black portal frame. She can control the durability and size of her portals, the higher the durability, the more things travel through her portal, the bigger …

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