Hey, we're not all guys here. I'm Caster anyway. And I want to pursue learning YOUR magic king. But maybe with some offensive stuff too.
— Caster, introducing herself.

Caster Edit

Caster has black pants and a pink torso, with a winking expression. Unlike the other trainees whom focus on combat mana, Caster wishes to learn King's mana ability of telepathy and teleportation.

Trivia Edit

-Caster is the first female character in BFS. Previously, SuperCloud9 refrained from adding female characters due to shipping and smutty fanart/fanfiction. However, after realizing that it would only result in yaoi shipping, SuperCloud9 changed his mind and added Caster.

-Caster was originally going to be a playable class alongside a class known as Brawler. Caster would have used ranged magical attacks and healing support, and Brawler would have used close-quarters fistfighting. These classes were scrapped, but Caster was reintroduced in Chapter 7 as a non-playable Master.