Chapter 1.


Chapter 1, "The Simple", takes place in an intricately designed cube, whilst a disembodied voice narrates the events that occur. Players are put through several waves of enemies spawning from the corners of the box. When all the enemies are killed, a boss spawns in the center of the room. This repeats until the voice claims that the gameplay is too repetitive, and decides to "liven it up", sending the players to the second chapter.


There are 6 bosses in chapter 1, the most of any chapter. Chapter 6 is tied for the most boss fights with Chapter 1. The bosses are in order of when you go against them.


The main lobby of BFS.


The players spawn in the lobby.

-Server: "Game is starting in a bit."

The game finishes loading.

-Server: "Welcome to Boss Fighting Stages."

-Server: "First, enemies will start swarming you."

-Server: "Defeat enemies, then the boss arrives. Isn't that SIMPLE?"

-Server: "Defeating enemies gets you money."

-Server: "And of course defeating bosses gets you more money."

-Server: "The game will slowly become more difficult."

Players are teleported into the arena.

-Server: "Here comes the first batch of enemies."

Monsters start spawning in the corners of the arena.

The players succeed in killing all the monsters.

-Server: "Enemies have been killed."

-Server: "Initiate: [Boss Spawn]"

Lord of the Shadows spawns.

The players succeed in killing the boss.

-Server: "Well done."

-Server: "Here comes the next wave."

This repeats 6 times.

2nd wave: Shines. Boss: Reflectar.

3rd wave: Z0mbies. Boss: Origin Zombie.

4th wave: Robots. Boss: Energon.

5th wave: Noobs. Boss: Noob King.

6th wave: Ice Golems. Boss: Frezaar.

After defeating Frezaar:

-Server: "Well, you guys aren't bad..."

-Server: "But I feel we can all agree this is pretty easy and repetitive."

-Server: "Lets liven up the gameplay!"

-Server: "Enjoy."

-Server: "Chapter 1 Complete: [The Simple]"

-Server: "Second Area: [Slash Fortress]"

Players are teleported to the second area.


-Chapter 1 follows many of the same mechanics from Draco Rock Defense, namely the fact that the players only fight the bosses in a single room, consisting of many waves.

-Before BFSR, Chapter 1's setting was just a hollow solid blue cube.

-All of the enemies and most of the bosses of Chapter 1 are just re-skins of the previous fight, with more damage and health.

-Lord of the Shadows was the final boss of Draco Rock, Super's first game in the Draco Rock series. BFS is the third installment.

-Chapter 1 is the only chapter where the server talks directly to the player.

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