Well, you've made it to the end. Sorry for doubting you earlier. You have made a huge improvement. Well, let's do this. I, the Crusher, am your final opponent! Bring it on!
— Crusher, preparing to fight You.

Crusher Edit

Crusher is dressed in a green shirt and black pants. He is the original creator of the Hammer, and the best at using it. Crusher is very proud, gung-ho, and headstrong, which is evident in the way he introduces his class in Chapter 4.

Boss Information Edit

Like Slicer, Crusher has no skills. To compensate for this, Crusher uses an advanced AI that uses an algorithm to calculate his actions, making him a harder boss. In general, he will dodge towards players that go out of his range, and dodge away from melee attackers when his health is low. He will also sometimes dodge away from skills and projectiles.

Phase 1: Crusher uses a starter hammer to attack players.

Phase 2: At 350,000 health, Crusher heals back up to 500,000 health and equips a Starcraft Hammer, dealing more damage.

Trivia Edit

-Crusher seems to be the only Master who has yet to learn to tolerate Baller's antics.

-Crusher was friends with Troweler before training.

-Crusher, like Baller, seems to be very confident in the abilities of his class, seeming doubtful of You's claim to one day defeat the Masters in battle.

-There's a bug which makes him get stuck in a corner, he loses his weapon, and all ranged attackers (Baller and Piercer) can hit him and kill him easily. This has been fixed.