Current Project

Cancelled indefinitely.

BFS Updates

Update v1.1.0 [April 20th, 2016]

-Fixed all reported bugs in BFSR. Production started for Chapter 7 Update.

Update v1.1.1 [May 12th, 2016]

-Skins + Lag Reduction + Mysteliates optimized for less lag.

Update v1.1.2 [May 14th, 2016]

-Added Chapter 7.

Update v1.1.4 [May 28th, 2016]

-Added two new mysteliates, Windforce and Spike.

-Added a new rebirths mechanic.

-Added several new skins.

Update v1.1.5 [June 17th, 2016]

-Minor bugfixes to cutscene and exp gain.

Update v1.1.6 [???]

-Fixed xp and point bug.

Update v1.1.7 [July 1st, 2016]

-Added the NR1 Event.

Update v1.1.8 [July 2nd, 2016]

-Fixed some bugs with the NR1 Event.

Update v1.1.9 [July 8th, 2016]

-Removed the NR1 Event.

Update v1.2.0 [December 25th, 2016]

-Added the Christmas Wrath Event.

-Fixed Roblox's chat deletion bug.

-Made UIs less cluttery.

-Made character speech boxes appear faster, and when the same character speaks twice in a row it no longer opens a new box.

INDEFINITE HIATUS [June 22nd, 2018]

-Boss Fighting Stages' upcoming revamp update, Draco Rock Uprising, has been cancelled, as well as any further updates to BFS. The DRU update was meant to contain various fixes and upgrades to many aspects of BFS, as well as the release of the long-awaited Chapter 8.

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