Some fans express their passion through art. Others do so through writing. It's evident that fanfiction has a certain stigma associated with it, but please do show some restraint and read the fanfics with an open mind.

BFS Academy

Author: fyzu

Summary: A student by the name of "You" enrolls at BFS Academy. Little does he know that he would be involved in a series of events that go far beyond anything he could've ever anticipated. BFS Highschool AU. Contains mature and grimdark themes, language, as well as graphic violence. Read at your own discretion.


Chapter 6 Redux

Author: RukatuKDH

Summary: A version of the dialogue and cutscenes at the beginning of chapter 6, with SuperCloud9, Blizziey, Sorovodor, Mikkjal134, Fyzu, and I as the characters. It stays pretty true to the original dialogue, but with a few small changes and additions.


Wrath of Souls

Author: Beta Meta Knight

Summary: A BFS x Monster Islands crossover fic (part 1).


History of BFS

Author: Skelezor200

Summary: Decide a fan-made backstory to BFS in the comments!


BFS Crepe Pasta

Author: Kubiluga

Summary: Crepes and Pastas.


Aqua x Lord of the Shadows

Author: fyzu

Summary: The Lord of the Shadows meets the love of his life. (Mildly NSFW)


BFS Choose Your Own Adventure

Author: Poohead611

Summary: Decide the outcome of a BFS adventure by popular vote in the comments!


The Backstory of the Masters

Author: coolkeiran777

Summary: A fan-made backstory of the Masters.


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