Mana Edit

Mana is the life force of most living things. It flows out of certain points in the body. Although most have it, only a few can control it. Those who can control their manifestation of Mana and shape it into a weapon are known as "Quazers". With Mana, Quazers allow their weapons to do more than what they normally would. For example, Baller's dodgeballs would be regular dodgeballs if he wasn't a Quazer.

Most Quazers can only shape their mana into one weapon, and it is bound per person, like a blood type. However, it is possible, through training, to train one's mana to be more pliable and be able to wield more than one weapon. Quazers can also conceal their mana levels, with one notable example being the Darkin member in Chapter 6.

Some people are able to accurately analyze and gauge another's mana levels, and at extreme mana levels, you can almost feel the power of one's mana.

Mana is regenerated passively over time, but since it is part of one's life force, if someone ever fully runs out of mana, they will die.

Arzen Edit

At extremely advanced levels, Quazers with excellent mana control can form their mana into Arzen. Arzen grants the wielder special capabilities. There are three types of Arzen: Auxvale Arzen, Caevis Arzen, and Volct Arzen.

Auxvale Arzen: Allows the wielder to negate the aggressiveness of hostiles.

Caevis Arzen: Allows the wielder to see what cannot normally be seen in his/her current situation, such as knowing the location of an enemy without actually looking at them. Essentially boosts the mana-sensing capabilities of the user to an extreme amount, allowing them to completely perceive all physical space around them, as well as boosting their movement capabilities to match (think matrix-time).

Volct Arzen: Grants the user extreme physical strength and endurance.