Mysteliates are small spherical faeries that help the players by either damaging and putting negative effects on nearby enemies, or healing and buffing their owner. You may only have up to 3 equipped at a time.

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Trivia Edit

-Before BFSR, there used to be a Stun mysteliate that would deal damage as well as render an enemy immobile. This was very overpowered in boss fights, and was thus removed. It used to occupy the level 70 requirement in the mysteliate shop. It has since been replaced with Windforce

-Mysteliates were first added in Draco Rock RPG 2. They functioned much the same way they do in BFSR.

-Before BFSR, there was no cap on the amount of mysteliates one could equip at the same time. This would often result in massive lag, as well as general overpoweredness, causing Super to put a 3 mysteliate limit in BFSR.