Not bad. Let's see how you do against me. Do your best.
— Piercer, preparing to fight You.

Piercer Edit

Piercer is dressed in a purple shirt and black pants. He is the original creator of the Bow and Arrow, and the best at using it. Piercer acts very stoic and serious, often being the one to inform "You" of what is going on.

Piercer is one of the few individuals who's Mana is powerful enough to wield more than one weapon.

Warning: Contains spoilers. Do not open if you do not wish to read.

Now entering spoiler territory.

it is said in Chapter 7 during the flashback that Piercer can wield two weapons, and he expected to use a sword, like Slicer, but it is unknown why he uses a bow and arrow now.

End of spoilers.

Boss Information Edit

Like Baller, Piercer has no skills. To compensate for this, Piercer uses an advanced AI that uses an algorithm to calculate his actions, making him a harder boss. In general, he will dodge away from advancing melee attackers and dodge towards players that go out of his range. He will also sometimes dodge away from skills and projectiles.

Phase 1: Piercer uses a starter bow to shoot players.

Phase 2: At 200,000 health, Piercer heals back up to 300,000 health and equips a Korblox Bow, dealing more damage.

Trivia Edit

-Piercer is the only master boss that isn't immune to the Darkheart Mysteliate.

-Piercer's almost reclusive personality mimics the playstyle of his class, often hanging back and silently dealing damage from afar.

-Piercer has a profound dislike for Bomber, having hated him from the moment he first heard him speak.

-Piercer was friends with Zhao before training.

-The model used for Piercer's bow was originally blue, however it was recolored to have a red gradient.