My name, is Piercer. Nothing can escape my bow's range and accuracy.
— Piercer, introducing his class.

The Piercer is a ranged class that attacks with a bow that doesn't deal much damage, but has a high rate of fire. Piercer is slightly slower than Baller, but can take slightly more damage than him. His arrows travel almost instantly to their target, and don't have an arc, unlike Baller's balls. Like baller, his arrows will disappear upon contact with an object or an enemy attack.

Tier Skill Description Cooldown Image
1 Triple Shot Fires three higher-damage arrows in quick succession. 4 seconds
2 Arrow Rain Fires a large arrow directly upwards, and after a few moments, summons a rain of arrows down onto the mouse location. 15 seconds
3 ??? Not released yet ???
4 ??? Not released yet ???


-Piercer used to be listed as having the same speed as slicer, but this was changed for balancing purposes.

-Piercer's bow will block the center of the screen if you go into first person. This can be fixed by activating mouselock and zooming out of first person by a very slight amount.

-Piercer's starter bow model was originally blue, but was changed to a red gradient.

-Piercer's Triple Shot skill used to be abused to allow for a faster firerate. This used to be triggered by spamclicking whilst activating Triple Shot. After the attack is finished, Piercer's firerate would be twice its original amount. This needed to be maintained by constantly shooting at that firerate, otherwise the firerate cap would drop back to its original. This effect could be stacked twice. This glitch has since been patched.

-Piercer's Arrow Rain skill will constantly follow your mouse position, meaning that it is entirely possible to kill enemies far away from each other with one arrow rain.

-You can still shoot while you are using any of Piercer's skills.

-EvilJacobthehero2013 and Shadowharst are the champions that main Piercer.