This page is meant for the official rules and guidelines of the BFS Rebirth Rules and guidelines for all users.


Swearing language is not tolerated on the wiki. This includes the F bomb, Sh, and many more. There is a list of whitelisted "swear words" that are allowed:


Additionally. since the wiki is targeted toward kids, we do not allow medical issue words to be used, this includes

Any other way to say these words

No pornographic pictures, and words. No talking about private parts, or sexual terms. Do not call someone gay. Talking about sexual terms, private parts, or calling someone gay, will result in an instant block of the blocker's choice. There is an exception to this Language rule if the page is fanfiction, but there needs to be a proper notice pointing out that the fanfiction page contains adult material. Comments always follow the Language rule.


  1. All users are permitted to create new pages. The pages will be deleted if they are duplicates, irrelevant, or unnecessary.
  2. When making a new page, please put in accurate information, and use spelling and grammar that is at least high school level. It saves the admins a lot of time if we don't have to go through the entire article and adjust every single word.
  3. No "troll edits."

Project Pages (pages with the project namespace)

Although Admins and Content Moderators can edit Project pages, they cannot create them. Users are only allowed to create Project pages if they have the "PROJECT PAGE CREATOR" tag on their profile. If they have this tag they can freely create Project pages, but cannot abuse this power. To request this tag, request it how you would if you were requesting for administration power. Send a message to an active administrator (TIP: If the admin you went to is NOT active, they will have a Not Active tag on their profile. Do not message admins with that tag.) asking you want to be able to create Project Pages and why. Administrators can give out this tag, but should ask a Bureaucrat first before giving it.

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