Oh, I'm the final one? Well I'm Prolabor. Nice to meet you. As you can see here I use a spear! I've also got a few other tricks up my sleeve.
— Prolabor, introducing himself.

Prolabor Edit

Prolabor has black pants, white skin, and a blue torso. He dons winged purple shades, a black cloak with blue designs, and a red mouthguard. He uses a hoverboard, and wields a spear as his weapon.

Unlike the other trainees, Prolabor is interested in pursuing a sport. However, he does have many offensive capabilities, including the ability to summon Light Spears of Revengeance, which are spears of light that appear through portals in the ground, and can be fired at enemies. The sport he pursues eventually becomes the game "Glider Legends", an upcoming game made by SuperCloud9.

Trivia Edit

-Like Volucer, Prolabor exists in BFS for the sole purpose of combining the Glider Legends and BFS universes into one. This is done through Prolabor's cameo appearance in BFS.