Sir Kadee is a non-canon boss.

— Sir Kadee

Sir Kadee Edit

Sir Kadee wears purple armor with magenta designs, and wields an oversized purple-and-magenta sword. When he speaks, his text box words appear in violet-colored Comic Sans. Among showing a similar appearance to Sir Noobalot, except he has a different color palette and he doesn't use a shield.

Upon gaining Dark Power, he begins talking with correct grammar, and the sky darkens.

Like the other noobs, Sir Kadee's personality is childish, a reference to the stereotypical behavior of young, new Roblox players. However, it seems that he also keeps sealed inside him a far more sinister personality; one that is marked by a desire to senselessly kill and gain power-- and use proper grammar.

Boss Information Edit

Name Description
Dark Barrage Sir Kadee points his sword outwards, and fires bolts of darkness at every player.
Sword Throw Sir Kadee throws his sword at the nearest person, which curves back around like a boomerang. Anyone in its path is dealt heavy damage.

Upon reaching 1,500,000 health, Sir Kadee will gain Dark Power, increasing his speed and skill cast rate, as well as giving him a few new moves.

Name Description
Dark Pinwheel Sir Kadee begins spinning around in the air, his sword slicing around in a vertical circle as he chases down opponents with blinding speed and extreme damage resistance.
Dark Runes: Column Formation Sir Kadee summons a row of purple glyphs in the direction he is facing, instantly killing anyone within their AOE.
Dark Runes: Tracking Formation Sir Kadee summons a rune under every player once per second, for five seconds. Each rune has a delayed detonation, and instantly kills anyone still in the AOE upon detonation.

Upon reaching 750,000 health, Sir Kadee enters Half-Bound mode, increasing his speed, skill cast rate, and heals back to 1,000,000 health. He begins using more of his Dark Power attacks. Dark Pinwheel becomes impossible to outrun in this form.

Trivia Edit

-Sir Kadee is the first boss with 3 forms.

-SuperCloud9 had to add an entirely new game mechanic just to accommodate Sir Kadee's special text box quirk.

-Sir Kadee is about as difficult as the upcoming bosses in Chapter 12.

-Sir Kadee's personality, the name of his Half-Bound form, and what he says after being defeated suggest that he will be fought again at a later date, supposedly at full power.