Sir Noobalot is a non-canon boss.

i have shield i can block ur attack!1!1
— Sir Noobalot

Sir Noobalot Edit

Sir Noobalot wears knight armor in the color scheme of a classic Roblox noob. He wields a blue shield, and a sword with an orange and yellow color scheme. Among showing a similar appearance to Sir Kadee, except he has a different color palette and his helmet doesn't have the curved horn on the top.

Like the other noobs, Sir Noobalot's personality is childish, a reference to the stereotypical behavior of young, new Roblox players.

Boss Information Edit

Name Description
Noob Cleave Sir Noobalot spins around, swinging his sword to deal damage to anything in its path.
gard moad!! Sir Noobalot raises his shield, negating 90% of incoming damage.

At 700,000 health, Sir Noobalot enters raig moad [sic], regenerating to full health and increasing his speed and skill cast rate, as well as giving him a new skill. "gard moad!!" will now block 99% of incoming damage.

Name Description
Noob Smash Sir Noobalot jumps into the air, hovering for a moment before bringing his flaming sword down in a violent, explosive smash. Instant kill to anything it hits.