Wow, you really are getting a lot better. Maybe we do have a chance in succeeding our goal. Now show me what you're made of!
— Slicer, preparing to fight You.

Slicer Edit

Slicer is dressed in a blue shirt and black pants. He is the original creator of the Sword, and the best at using it. Slicer maintains a calm facade, but still exudes a sense of power.

Warning: Contains spoilers. Do not open if you do not wish to read.

Now entering spoiler territory.

During training, Slicer was good friends with Slasher. At some point, something happened to Slasher. This had a serious, possibly traumatic effect on Slicer, as he states before explaining his backstory that "you can't let the past be an anchor holding you back". It is unknown what exactly happened to Slasher.

End of spoilers.

Boss InformationEdit

Like Piercer, Slicer has no skills. To compensate for this, Slicer uses an advanced AI that uses an algorithm to calculate his actions, making him a harder boss. In general, he will dodge towards players that go out of his range, and dodge away from melee attackers when his health is low. He will also sometimes dodge away from skills and projectiles.

Phase 1: Slicer uses a starter sword to attack players.

Phase 2: At 300,000 health, Slicer heals back up to 400,000 health and equips a Vengeance Sword, dealing more damage.

Trivia Edit

-Slicer was friends with Slasher before training.