I'm Slicer. I'm what they call the jack of all trades.
— Slicer, introducing his class.

Slicer is by far the most balanced class, sporting the default walkspeed and health, and his sword doing medium damage. Slicer is a great choice for beginners who are not yet sure of a class, or grizzled swordfighting champions who are already very familiar with how sword mechanics work in Roblox.

Tier Skill Description Cooldown Image
1 Cleave Slicer spins around in a circle, dealing extra damage to anything in his way. 4 seconds
2 Brandish Slicer charges up for an attack, then thrusts his sword forward, dealing massive damage. 15 seconds
3 ??? Not released yet ???
4 ??? Not released yet ???


-Slicer's sword behaves exactly like the classic Roblox linked sword, meaning that doubleclicking will cause the sword to lay flat for a stab, and moving the sword side to side in and out of your target will cause damage more frequently.

-The most high-level Slicer users can optimize their damage with the sword movement technique so well that often times will out-damage Crushers.

-Due to the necessity of damage optimization while using Slicer as well as his lack of range, he is often considered to be the hardest class.

-Sorovodor and xXsosticeXx are the current champions that main Slicer.