Slicer uses swords in Boss Fighting Stages. Swords are sharp short range melee weapons used in close quarters combat. You can increase your damage with a sword by moving the sword in and out of your target repeatedly.


The clasic roblox linked sword. The first weapon all slicers start with.


A sword forged out of bronze. The cheapest weapon you can buy.


A sword forged out of silver. Sharper than the bronze sword, but costs more.


A sword forged out of gold. Somehow does more damage than silver, despite being a softer metal.


A sword forged out of platnium. For some reason, it's blue.


A sword forged out of diamonds. Totally not from minecraft.


A sword imbued with holy power. The first sword to not be forged with a real metal.


A sword imbued with dark power. Somehow does more damage to supposedly evil enemies than the light sword.


The legendary sword from SFOTH. Doesn't have any of the abilities from the actual game.


The legendary sword from SFOTH. Doesn't actually have lifesteal.

Dark Light Samurai Sword

A dark and light sword for samurais. For when you can't choose between the light and dark sword, and want to be a samurai.

Legend Sorcus Sword

The sword of the legend Sorcus. Sorcus hasn't ever actually played BFS.

Evil Slayer

A sword forged for slaying evil. Or an slayer that is evil. Grammar is important.

Vengeance Sword

A sword for taking your vengeance. Even if you don't need to take revenge against anyone.

Epic Katana

The legendary black sparkly katana. Thankfully you don't need to assemble 6 swords for this one.

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