Soul Turdulator is a non-canon boss.

Pssh, it's nothing personal, kid.
— Soul Turdulator, when he's asked why he's trying to destroy the castle.

Soul Turdulator Edit

Soul Turdulator is the leader of the Soul Army. He has purple skin, and wears black and purple armor with a T on the chestplate, and a black top hat. He plans on ruling the land by force by using his Soul Gates, and kidnapped the Spirit Duo to use them as a power source.

Boss Information Edit

Chases down the nearest player, using one of his skills at random. At 500,000 HP, he enters Awakened Mode, giving him a third skill: Soul Breaker, as well as resetting his health to full.

Name Description
Soul Impact Soul Turd flips his sword in the air, then charges forward and slashes diagonally, creating explosions near his sword that deal high damage.
Soul Stinger Soul Turd flips his sword in the air, then holds his sword outward, dashing quickly towards the nearest player in an attempt to impale them on his sword. Deals extremely high damage, with a high chance of instant kill. Very hard to dodge.
Soul Breaker Soul Turd holds his sword up in the air, then generates an explosion around him as he flies up into the air, before slamming back down to cause an even larger explosion. Very large instant-kill AOE. Dodge mechanics are required to dodge from melee range.

Trivia Edit

-Soul Turdulator's "power level" is about on par with that of the Darkin member from chapter 6.

-Soul Turdulator's line "Pssh, it's nothing personal, kid" is a reference to Coldsteel the Hedgeheg, an internet meme.

-Turdulator was the old username of the creator of Soul Wars, SazErenos.