Mine was with... The Asudem.
— Arcane, recollecting his encounter with The Asudem.

The Asudem is an evil spirit first mentioned by Arcane Warlock in Chapter 7. The Asudem has the ability to turn people into stone.

The Asudem is the primary antagonist of another game SuperCloud9 is planning on making, known as "The Asudem". It will probably be similar to The Wraith, where players are forced to escape the spirit.

The Asudem has the power to drain one's mana out of their eyes through eye contact, or through direct contact. The Asudem possesses extreme regeneration capabilities, and is not known to be able to be killed by anything other than possibly the Wraith, though generally the two avoid fighting each other. However, the Asudem is vulnerable to attacks that use Arzen, though they will only temporarily incapacitate it.

Model Description Edit

Incredibly dangerous spirit. Avoid at all costs.

Can stop the flow of energy on touch, or meeting eye contact. This renders you completely useless as it will lock you in place, until you meet your demise. Is not known to be able to be killed.

This one, and the wraith... Are ones to be kept away from.

Trivia Edit

-The Asudem will not be a boss fight in BFS. Her only existence in the game is to link the universe of The Asudem and BFS together.