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    December 1, 2016 by RukatuDelphox

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    }} |boss= yes |title= The Wind Swiper |theme= Dr. Fetus' Castle - Super Meat Boy OST |health= 950000 |skills= 5 |immunities= |difficulty= 7 |xp= 95000 |pp= 950 }}

    Feng is a late adolescent.  He has white skin, wears a green t-shirt, and black pants.  He dons a fedora and a pendent with an emerald in it.  His weapon of choice is a spear.

    Feng is highly intelligent and has a very serious personality.  He tends to look for a battle with a random person or group and interrupts people .  In battles, he is able to predict the enemy’s next move and immediately attack them.

    Feng lived in a small village with his parents and is youngest out of his two brothers.  As a child, Feng had no friends. His parents would not let him out of th…

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