Hello, I'm Fyzu, your resident wiki admin and tour guide for this BFS walkthrough. Over the entirety of BFS's existence, people have argued about the optimal strategy for defeating a boss. In this walkthrough, I will list out what I believe to be the ideal strategy for completing BFS. Whether you're reading this to learn how to defeat a tough boss, or you're reading this to try and argue against the strategy I list is of no importance.

General Strategy

Although there are many individual tips and tricks that only apply for ranged or melee classes, there are a few things that are applicable across the board that would greatly benefit a player to use.

Dodge Optimization

Most players, when trying to evade an attack such as Arcane Warlock's spherical shockwave, will spam their dodge keys to escape. This is not the most efficient method of dodging, as you are initiating another dodge before the full dodge cycle of your previous one has completed. The ideal method of dodging is to wait for the full animation cycle of your previous dodge to finish before initiating the next one. Not only does this allow you to get full use of each dodge, but it also helps conserve energy whilst still maintaining the speed necessary to dodge out of whatever situation you were in.

Cooldown Optimization

Though this may seem obvious, in order to deal as much damage as you can on a boss in a short amount of time, it is necessary to use your skills as soon as they are off cooldown. By using all of your skills as soon as they are available, you can use 4 tier 2 skills and 20 tier 1 skills in the span of a minute. Cooldown Optimization is even more important in bosses where dodging is extremely difficult, where the fight is not so much "dodge the boss while damaging it" as it is "kill the boss before it kills you" (e.g. Piercer's fight in chapter 7.)

Observing the Boss

What separates the wheat from the chaff in terms of BFS players is the ability to survive attacks. However, what many new players don't realize is that dodging a boss's attacks is not so much avoiding them reflexively as they happen, but more so anticipating when they will happen and preparing for them. All bosses in BFS have indicators as to when they will use a specific attack--whether it's an obvious color indicator or a more subtle animation varies from boss to boss. Observe the boss and pay attention to its animations before its attacks so you know what it's about to do.

Ranged Strategy

As a ranged player, your primary task is to stay farther away from the boss, out of reach of most of its attacks. Not only does this improve your survivability, but this makes the job of melee players alot easier by not taking aggro from the boss, allowing melee players to get in close and deal damage.

Melee Strategy

As a melee player, your primary task is to stay close to the boss, and keep the boss's attention focused on you or another melee player. This allows you to deal more damage, and also allow the ranged players to not have to deal with the boss, and instead damage it from afar.

Chapter 1

Ranged Strategy

Chapter 1 should be a cakewalk for ranged players. All of the enemies in the chapter are melee-based, so as long as you keep your distance, you should not have a problem. The only enemy you need to take into consideration is Frezaar, as he will fire a few bullets at you occasionally. These can easily be avoided by constantly moving, as long as you're not moving towards Frezaar.

Melee Strategy

Chapter 1 is relatively easy for melee players. Most of the enemies deal a somewhat low amount of damage in this chapter, allowing you to keep attacking while tanking the damage, however over time your health can get very low. It is recommended that you purchase a Heal or Darkheart Mysteliate as it will be beneficial throughout the rest of the game, otherwise you must keep your distance from enemies when your health is low or use another player's Mysteliate to heal by staying near it.

Chapter 2

Section 1: Taking Down the Gate + VS Defender

Ranged Strategy

While taking down the gate, the melee players should be taking most of the aggro for the knights. Your primary concern should be lowering the health of the gate, whilst killing the occasional knight that may wander in your direction. Overall, this section is not much of a problem. While fighting Defender, there is the occasional chance that he may send boulders your way. Pay attention to when Defender says "Get smashed!", as he is about to shoot his boulders. As long as you aren't moving toward Defender or staying still, the boulders should be easy to dodge. Use dodge mechanics if you want to be extra cautious.

Melee Strategy

While taking down the gate, it is recommended to buy a few damaging mysteliates to keep the knights off of your back as you attack the gate. If you don't have any, then focusing on killing the knights should be your primary goal as the ranged players take down the gate. While fighting Defender, it is important to stay away from him when he's shooting his boulders. Since he gains a forcefield, you won't be able to damage him either way, so when you see him say "Get smashed!", start moving away from him. Dodging is not usually necessary, but if you want to be extra cautious, go ahead and use them.

Section 2: Finding the Switches + VS Heavy Knight

The three switches are located in different areas of the castle. One is in the room where you fought Defender, one is at the end of the left hallway, and another at the end of the right hallway. There is no time limit on this section, so it does not really matter which switch you hit first.

There is also a way to skip past hitting the switches entirely and glitch directly into the next area. Simply go into the corner of the room, and dodge into it. If performed correctly, you should trigger the next room.

Ranged Strategy

Heavy Knight should be extremely easy for ranged players. His only skill is his shockwave, and though it has quite a large radius, as long as you stand far enough away from him it shouldn't hit you. That being said, if you are closer to him, make sure to jump when he says "You cannot stop me!", just to be cautious.

Melee Strategy

Heavy Knight is a relatively easy boss. The only attack you should be concerned about is his shockwave attack. Watch for when he says "You cannot stop me!". From there, there are three methods to dodge his attack. The first is to back away from him, outside of the radius of his shockwave. This is the safest, but you waste valuable time getting back to him. The second method is to jump over the shockwave as it approaches. Rather risky, but you can get immediately back to attacking him if you survive. The third method is to jump on top of his head. It is safe, and you get back right into the fight, but only one person, maybe two can do it at the same time.

Section 3: VS McSlash

Ranged Strategy

McSlash is essentially Defender and Heavy Knight combined. If you have melee taking aggro, you only have to watch out for his Orb Strike attack. Pay attention to when he says "Give in!", as that's when he's launching his orbs. Also keep an eye out for his sword throws; they're easy to dodge, but can still hit you if you're off guard. Same rule applies for his Sword Drop in Crisis Mode; there is a chance you can get hit by it if you're not careful.

Melee Strategy

McSlash is essentially Defender and Heavy Knight combined. Watch for his orbs when he says "Give in!", and just apply the strategy you used for Defender. If he suddenly stops moving, he's about to do his Triple Shockwave attack. Unlike a standard shockwave, it is not recommended to try and jump over it, as it fires quite fast. He usually follows it up with his Sword Throw attack, which can be deadly if you aren't anticipating it. To dodge it, simply strafe around him and it should miss. In his Crisis Mode, he also uses his Sword Drop attack after his Triple Shockwave, so back away from him when it occurs.

Chapter 3

Section 1: Opening Parkour + Knights

Ranged Strategy

The starting parkour should be easy for any ranged players. There aren't any wide jumps, and so the base speed of a ranged user should be enough to complete the parkour. The first room of knights shouldn't be a problem either; in fact, you could pretty much rely solely on your mysts to do the work for you.

Melee Strategy

The starting parkour should be somewhat easy unless you're a crusher. If you can't make a jump, dodging across can help. The first room of knights shouldn't be a problem either; in fact, you could pretty much rely solely on your mysts to do the work for you.

Section 2: VS the Periastron Knights + Castle Parkour

All three of the Periastron Knights have the ability to fire a shockwave, and shoot a burst of three bullets at the nearest player. Simply apply the strategy you used for McSlash to avoid the shockwaves and bullets. Additionally, Grimgold and Azuran will have McSlash's sword throw attack, so keep an eye out for that. The second parkour section is much more challenging, and dodging is recommended to bridge some of the wider gaps, especially on the rotating blocks. Also watch out for spikes that will appear out of the wall of the castle at certain sections.

Section 3: VS Azurewrath

Ranged Strategy

Most of Azurewrath's attacks are easily dodgeable by ranged players. By now, you should be quite skilled in avoiding shockwaves, so Azurewrath's Triple Shockwave should not pose much of a threat. Despite the arena being rather small in comparison to the previous ones, Azurewrath is never in close enough proximity to where his Detonation attack would affect you either. The only attack you should keep an eye on is his Energy Discs; although they function similarly to Grimgold and Azuran's Sword Throw attacks, they have much bigger hitboxes, and are fired more frequently. Simply keep away from Azurewrath while firing at him, and dodge to avoid the occasional Energy Disc that may travel in your direction.

Melee Strategy

Azurewrath's attacks can pose many problems for melee players. His Energy Disc attack can be dodged by strafing left or right around him as he uses it--however, be careful to not strafe too far. His Energy Discs are so large that if you happen to be standing behind him as he fires one, it will still hit you as it spawns. Azurewrath's Triple Shockwave attack is identical to the one McSlash uses, so simply apply the strategy you used previously while fighting McSlash. His Detonation attack has a long warning period, so if you pay attention to when he's saying "You will be defeated!" or "I'll blow you to smithereens!", you'll know when to begin backing away from him.

Chapter 4

Section 1: VS Stone

By now, you should be very familiar with dodging most of the attacks that Stone uses. His Landslide attack is similar in nature to Azurewrath's Energy Discs, except their hitboxes are far larger. Stone's Earthquake attack should also not pose much of a threat, as it is just another shockwave-style attack. The only attack you should pay attention to is his Boulder attack, which is his red attack. The boulder is an insta-kill, and travels very fast as soon as the indicator appears. Simply dodging away from Stone should be enough to avoid the boulder.

Section 2: VS Aqua

Aqua reuses many of the same attacks Stone has. Like Stone, he has both a shockwave and directional attack. However, Aqua's shockwave attack is has a green indicator, and his directional attack has a yellow indicator. Dodging them should not be an issue, as you have already had experience with the exact same attacks while fighting Stone. His most infamous attack, Downpour, shoots homing bullets at a rapid pace at all players in the arena. To dodge it, moving away from Aqua usually does the trick. The bullets home in on your torso, so using the backwards dodge is the optimal way to survive. Take care to not accidentally walk into any bullets that are being fired at other players, as they will still kill you on contact. Try and kill Aqua as fast as possible, as he will heal occasionally, which can prove to be a nuisance if you aren't dealing enough damage.

Chapter 5

Section 1: Laser Parkour

The first two lasers should be easy to go through. Simply wait until they lift up, then dodge underneath them. The first laser spinner can be avoided by jumping over the lasers as they approach. The next two sets of lasers can only be dodged when both lasers are synchronized. Wait until the two lasers overlap, and when they both raise up, dodge underneath them.

After defeating the first wave of Defense Robots, you should move the blue cube onto the blue square to deactivate the laser barrier. Then, try and hit the button on the center of the next laser spinner to deactivate it. You may have to use dodge mechanics to avoid the dual spinners. Then, wait for the blue cube to respawn at its starting point, and push it through the next two lasers to reach the second blue square. Make sure to do it fast though, or the cube will respawn before you can get it to the square. Consider using dodge mechanics to push the cube faster, though if you are inaccurate it is easy for the cube to fall off the platforms.

If you do not complete the second cube section within 3 minutes, the game will automatically teleport you into the second Defense Robot chamber. If your server is just that terrible at moving the cube, consider waiting until the timer is done so as to not waste lives.

Section 2: VS Static + Destroying the Generators

Static is essentially just a re-skinned Aqua with higher health, no healing, and a longer red attack. Simply apply all the strategies you used to defeat Aqua on Static. The only new element introduced is the fact that his bullets are a lot harder to see considering how dark the arena is, and they are fired longer. Keep strafing around Static to dodge his bullets.

Although the Defense Robots protecting the generators are usually not an issue, you should consider allocating one person to handling the robots while the others attack the generators. If you are high enough level, you should be fine letting your mysteliates handle the job of killing the robots.

Section 3: VS Techno Devil

Techno Devil, like Aqua, has both a directional and a shockwave attack. However, his shockwave attack has an additional factor: his jumping. If he activates the shockwave attack while he's in the air, his flipping will change the angle of the shockwave erratically. Pay close attention to his movement so you can avoid his shockwaves. Additionally, when he says "Feel the power!" he is about to use his Orbital Laser attack. While his attack is occurring, refrain from following behind him, as lasers will drop down on his previous locations as he moves around the arena.

When Techno Devil enters Bass Devil mode, do not attempt to attack him. None of your projectiles or weapons will be able to damage him, and touching him while he's firing his bullets will kill you instantly. While he is in Rotation Mode, jump over his bullet stream as it passes close to you. Upon entering Airborne Mode strafe around him so his bullets do not hit you. Once he exits Airborne Mode, he will enter Cooling mode for 15 seconds. He is completely vulnerable while cooling, so throw all of your skills at him. Ranged players may even want to move in closer to add bonus Mysteliate damage. Make sure that you don't stay near him for too long, for if you're close to him while he re-enters Rotation mode, you have a high chance of dying. A good strategy to apply here is to activate your tier 2 skill as soon as he enters cooling mode, and then to use the cooldown timer of your tier 2 skill as a timer for when he will re-enter Rotation mode.

Chapter 6

Section 1: VS Arcane Warlock

Something to keep in mind about Arcane's fight is that he has a tendency to heal a lot, so it's important to constantly deal as much damage as possible to him. Cooldown optimization is especially important, as well as damaging mysteliates.

Ranged Strategy

Arcane Warlock is designed to be a counter to ranged classes. Getting close to him is a very bad idea, as his Spirit Bomb and the orbs that summon up from the ground are very hard to dodge. Your strategy should be to stay just outside the range of his Spherical Shockwave, strafing around him while shooting at him. When he summons his Spirit Bomb, take care in strafing to avoid its bullets.

Melee Strategy

Arcane Warlock's attacks are generally weak, and as a melee class he should be rather easy. His Orb Shot attack is easily avoidable as the orbs don't deal much damage, so keep strafing around him and you should be fine. His Spherical Shockwave is also avoidable if you back away from him as soon as you see his forcefield appear. His Spirit Bomb is slightly more problematic. There are two ways you can go about dodging it. The safer method is to back away from him so you have room to dodge the bullets fired by his spirit bomb. The ideal method is to strafe like mad around Arcane, relying on both your heal myst, health pool, and dodging ability to not be hit by its bullets.

Section 2: VS Dezadon

Ranged Strategy

Dezadon should be a cakewalk for ranged players. All of his attacks barring his Spherical Shockwave are directional and have limited range, so if you stay away from him he can do next to nothing against you. Keep an eye out for when he begins charging his Blast Surge, as his speed increases immensely while he's attacking, and can catch you offguard if you're not prepared.

Melee Strategy

Dezadon's attacks can completely destroy melee players if they are not careful. His sword throws deal considerable damage if you don't use dodging mechanics to avoid them, and his sawblades will completely tear through your health if you don't dodge them as well. Due to how dodge-heavy his attacks are, it is important to conserve your dodge energy while fighting him. When he charges his Blast Surge, he is completely vulnerable for the first 5 warning blocks he sends out. Use this time to pack in some extra damage. After his fifth warning block, dodge away from him, for on his next warning block he will enter his Blast Surge's attack mode. Pace your dodges while he chases you down, and consider bringing an Ice mysteliate to make things a little easier on yourself.

Section 3: VS Dezadon + Arcane Warlock

Ranged Strategy

As a ranged player, it is a good idea to focus on damaging Dezadon, as he is a melee counter and is much easier to kill as a ranged player. While fighting, make sure to keep him as far away from Arcane Warlock as possible, and to keep an eye out for Arcane's Spirit Bomb or his Spherical Shockwave, as they still have a slight chance of hitting you if you end up getting too close.

Melee Strategy

As a melee player, it is a good idea to focus on damaging Arcane Warlock, as he is a ranged counter and is much easier to kill as a melee player. While fighting, make sure to keep him as far away from Dezadon as possible, and to keep an eye out for Dezadon's Blast Surge, Spherical Shockwave, or any stray sword throws and sawblades that might come your way if you end up getting too close.

Section 4: VS Crisis Dezadon

Ranged Strategy

Dezadon in Crisis mode should still be rather easy for ranged players. His Spherical Shockwave now has a larger radius, so you should stay slightly further away from him than you did for his regular mode fight. Additionally, his Blast Surge now takes 7 warning blocks before activating, but his max speed is now as fast as Baller. Take extra precautions to avoid his Blast Surge should it come your way. Consider bringing an Ice mysteliate to make avoiding it a little easier.

Melee Strategy

Dezadon in Crisis mode is even more of a hassle for melee players than before. He throws out twice as many swords and sawblades per attack, so conserving dodge energy to avoid them is even more critical now than in normal mode. Additionally, his Blast Surge now takes 7 warning blocks, so exploit that like in normal mode. However, his Blast Surge is now also much faster and lasts longer, so conserve your dodge energy as much as you can. Using an Ice mysteliate is highly recommended.

Section 5: VS Crisis Arcane Warlock

Arcane Warlock in Crisis mode is not much different from regular Arcane Warlock. Simply apply the strategies you used to defeat Arcane Warlock previously. His Spherical Shockwave has a larger radius, so keep away from him a bit further than before. Additionally, he can now summon up to two Spirit Bombs at once. Take extra care to dodge their bullets. He also heals more health per heal now, so keeping DPS on him is absolutely critical to defeating him.

Section 6: VS Crisis Spirit Duo

The Crisis fight against Arcane Warlock and Dezadon operates exactly the same as the previous duo fight. Apply the same strategies you used there, but make sure to watch for the extended radius of the duo's Spherical Shockwaves, as well as the increased speed and duration of Dezadon's Blast Surge, and the possibility of two Spirit Bombs being deployed by Arcane. If you know how to handle each boss separately, dealing with them together should not be too much of a problem.

Chapter 7

Section 1: VS Baller

Ranged Strategy

Baller, although his dodgeballs deal considerable damage, is not too terribly accurate. If you keep far enough away from him, his attacks shouldn't be much of a problem as long as you strafe.

Melee Strategy

Baller is a very mobile boss, and will often run away from your attacks. Keep exploiting your dodge mechanics to chase him down and attack him. Dodge optimization is very important, as you will be dodging to catch up to Baller for a good portion of the fight. If you're out of dodge energy, focus on strafing to avoid Baller's attacks, before chasing him down again.

Section 2: VS Piercer

Ranged Strategy

Piercer's attacks are very accurate, so constant strafing is necessary to avoid his attacks. Additionally, his arrows travel very fast, so you may have to stay a considerable distance away from him to be able to dodge his arrows easily.

Melee Strategy

Piercer, though he does not move as much as Baller, has attacks that are nearly impossible to dodge. Keep close to him, and constantly jump, strafe, and dodge to attempt to avoid his attacks, relying on your heal myst to keep your health up should you be hit. Another strategy is to share aggro between your fellow melee users, focusing Piercer's attention on only one person at a time, giving you time to regenerate dodge energy.

Section 3: VS Slicer

Ranged Strategy

Slicer is very easy to defeat as a ranged class. Simply stay very far away from him, and you should be able to take him down. He may occasionally dodge towards you and attempt to hit you, but as long as you are vigilant and far enough away, he shouldn't pose a threat.

Melee Strategy

Try and attack Slicer on his left side, the side he doesn't hold his sword on. Use hit-and-run attacks, dodging in to use a skill and then dodging out so he doesn't hit you. Fight him as if you were fighting another player.

Section 4: VS Crusher

Crusher is essentially a slightly slower version of Slicer with more health and more attack. However, he can still dodge, and will use it to his full potential, so don't underestimate his speed. If you apply the same strategies you used on Slicer, you should be fine.

Currently, there is a bug where Crusher's hammer doesn't spawn with him, making him a free target since he can't attack. This is a bug, and will be patched in the future.

NR 1

Section 1: Destroying the Soul Gates

This section is very similar to the destroying the generators in chapter 5, except now there's an additional element: Enemies who reach the castle doors will decrease its health, and if the health of the castle hits 0, it's an automatic game over. Because of this, it's a good idea to have one or two people guard the castle doors, in case any enemies decide to make their way down there. The rest of the players should split up, and have a few players concentrate on killing the enemies that the gates spawn, while the rest damage the gates themselves. A popular strategy is to have the melee players take aggro from the enemies that spawn, while the ranged players focus on damaging the soul gates.

Section 2: VS Soul Weegee

Soul Weegee has two attacks that he uses depending on how close the closest player is. The deadlier of the two is his Weegee Stare, which he uses when players are farther away. It is only dodgeable by using dodging mechanics, and can catch you off guard if he kills a player while he's using it, causing the stare to shift onto a different player very quickly. In general, it is much harder to dodge than his Weegee Smash, which he uses when players are close to him. He will raise his fists up in an animation, which is your cue to dodge two or three times away from him. After he smashes down, provided you weren't in the way, you can return back to him and keep damaging him.

Ideally, there should be at least one person within melee range of Soul Weegee so he can keep using Weegee Smash. If you dodge correctly, you should be able to regain all of the dodge energy you spent while dodging Weegee Smash in between his attacks. These players should also keep Weegee as far away from the castle as possible, and try and get him into one of the back corners of the arena by the time his health reaches 250,000.

At 250,000 health, Soul Weegee will ignore all players and run straight for the castle. If he reaches the castle, he will destroy it instantly, causing a game over. This means all players must be within attacking range of Weegee, skill optimizing and damage optimizing with mysteliates, in an attempt to kill him before he reaches the castle. Once he gets onto the castle bridge, there is an invisible wall that will destroy projectiles that touches it, so if you're a ranged player, move onto the bridge itself and attack Weegee so that your projectiles will still hit.

Section 3: VS Soul Turdulator

Ranged Strategy

Soul Turdulator in his Awakened Mode is deadly to ranged players, so you should focus on conserving your lives and letting the melee players weaken him down until he enters Awakened Mode. Watch for his Soul Stinger, which will home in on you if you're the closest player, and his Soul Impact, which is a faster rush attack that doesn't last as long as Soul Stinger. Dodge mechanics are mandatory in order to survive his attacks. When he enters Awakened Mode, keep relying on your melee players as a meatshield, and damage Soul Turd as much as you can. If you must take aggro, focus on dodging his attacks more than damaging him, so that other ranged players can get in some damage on Soul Turd.

Don't try and run away from Soul Turd's attacks when he's in Awakened Mode, as he is faster than even Baller. Focus on dodging his attacks instead.

Melee Strategy

Soul Turd is a fast boss with many hard-to-dodge melee attacks. As a melee player, you want to share aggro with fellow melee players and keep Soul Turd away from ranged players. When he attacks with Soul Stinger, jump and dodge away from his sword repeatedly. When he attacks with Soul Impact, jump and dodge out of the way of his initial explosion, but also watch for when he curves back around to you, as he will still be able to damage you with his sword. If you dodge his return hit, you should be fine. Watch for when he points his sword directly up and his text box appears, as he's about to cast Soul Breaker. Immediately dodge away from him, as he will send out a high-damage explosion when he launches into the air. Continue backing away from him so that when he lands back down, his second AOE explosion won't hit you.

NR 2

Section 1: Waves 1-9

Due to weapons being reset, the primary goal in this section is to use points as conservatively as possible so that you're prepared for the boss at wave 10. Try and coordinate with your team members to kill the incoming noobs as a team, and refrain from buying anything if possible. Melee players should be hovering near the statue, and baiting away any enemies that try to attack it. Ranged players should be doing the same, as well as picking off any enemies they see from afar.

Section 2: Wave 10 (VS Stamper Noob)

As with the previous waves, you will want to apply the same strategy of diverting the enemies from the statue-- however, you should also have some members of the team purchase higher-powered weapons so that Stamper Noob may be killed more quickly. Stamper Noob himself is not a mechanically complex boss, so reference your Chapter 1 strategies to defeat him.

Section 3: Waves 11-19

As with the previous waves, you will want to apply the same strategy of diverting the enemies from the statue. Special care must be taken in handling the Siege Noobs, which should ideally be baited by a Baller or another high-speed class.

Section 4: Wave 20 (VS Giant Armour Noob)

As with the previous waves, you will want to apply the same strategy of diverting the enemies from the statue. Also, consider buying a higher-powered weapon so that the Giant Armour Noob may be killed more quickly. GAN operates like any other flavor of giant noob, so utilize the same strategies in defeating him.

Section 5: Waves 21-24

As with the previous waves, you will want to apply the same strategy of diverting the enemies from the statue. By now, you should have the highest-power weapon for your class. Extra care should be taken in handling the Super Hammer Noob as well as the Super Siege Noob, which should both be baited by ranged players. The Flameray Noob should be a priority target for melee players.

Section 6: Wave 25 (VS Epic Noobs)

The same strategies regarding the adds as Wave 24 should be taken for this boss fight-- however, your primary focus should be on eliminating the three Epic Noobs. Your primary target should be the Crazy Robloxian, as his projectiles can one-shot ranged players. Once he is eliminated, focus on Wintermagpie, as she has the next lowest health pool. Finally, you should eliminate Mr. Jul. Try and concentrate all your attacks on the same boss, as splitting your damage between all three will be far less effective.

Section 7: Wave 26 (Siege Noob Stampede)

As the hardest wave in the chapter, this wave will often require extreme coordination to complete. Firstly, each player should equip Heal, Quake, and Ice mysteliates for the greatest chance of success. Quake mysts can damage multiple siege noobs at once, and Ice mysts can help slow them down.

The team should divide into two teams of four: the Baiters and the Shooters, with each Baiter paired to a Shooter, and each pair taking one of the four sides of the map that enemies spawn at.

The Shooters should consist of ranged players only; preferably your highest-leveled ranged players in the server. Their job will be to stand near the statue and shoot at the siege noobs that are being baited by the Baiters. Each Shooter should be assigned a Baiter to partner up with, and if that Baiter dies, the Shooter will take the aggro of the siege noobs that were chasing the Baiter. Once your Baiter respawns, you should trade aggro and go back to damaging the siege noobs.

The Baiters will consist of any other classes in the server, and will be leading the siege noobs spawning on their side of the map away from the statue, and keeping them in an area that the Shooter can shoot at, without letting any of the siege noobs chase down the other players. If the Baiter is a ranged player, they can also consider damaging their siege noobs occasionally, but should focus primarily on leading their siege noobs around.

This strategy should work regardless of the team composition; the basic principle is that the siege noobs will always be following a player instead of attacking the statue, and splitting the server into two teams ensures that even if a player dies, there will be another to take aggro in his/her place.

Section 8: Wave 27 (VS Mr. Hammer)

Ranged Strategy

Mr. Hammer is a cakewalk for ranged players. Simply keep him at a distance and none of his attacks can harm you-- outside of Shoop da Woop that is. Simply keep an eye out for when he casts his attack, and back away from the red indicators.

Melee Strategy

Mr. Hammer is a bit harder for melee players than ranged players, but is still fairly easy given the correct strategy. Watch his animations for his Noob Cyclone and Noob Breaker so you know when to dodge back. A more audacious strategy would be to try and jump on top of Mr. Hammer while he uses Noob Cyclone, but try it at your own risk. As with the ranged strategy, keep an eye out for his red indicators of his Shoop da Woop attack, and back away from them.

Section 9: Wave 28 (VS Sir Noobalot)

Ranged Strategy

Sir Noobalot is even easier than Mr. Hammer. If you do not approach him, he cannot harm you. When he enters "gard moad", try to refrain from using your skills, as they will deal next to no damage. Instead, simply chip away at his health with regular attacks until he exits "gard moad".

Melee Strategy

Sir Noobalot is about as hard as Mr. Hammer for melee. His Noob Cleave can be avoided in a similar manner to Mr. Hammer's Noob Cyclone. His Noob Smash is a very obvious attack, so simply dodge away from him when you see him rise into the air. When his "gard moad" is active, try and play on the defensive, baiting him around as opposed to trying to attack.

Section 10: Wave 29 (VS Newbiemancer)

Ranged Strategy

Newbiemancer's primary threat to ranged players is similar to that of Aqua, Static, and other bosses that fire homing projectiles. Simply keep strafing around him to avoid his attacks while damaging him. Take care to not get too close to other players, as you can be affected by the detonation AOE that occurs should a darkness bolt hit another player. When he summons his Shadows of Noobs, try and focus your fire to kill those first, as they can be easily dispatched by ranged players as opposed to melee ones.

Melee Strategy

Newbiemancer's Darkness Bolts do minimal damage to melee players, and as such it is encouraged to get close to Newbiemancer and damage him as much as possible. Try and keep away from his Shadows of Noobs and let the Ranged players deal with them if possible.

Section 11: Wave 30 (VS Sir Kadee)

Ranged Strategy

The primary way to ensure success against Sir Kadee is to stay as far away from him as possible. His Sword Throw has a surprisingly long range, and can prove fatal to ranged players that get too close. Even at such a distance it is important to keep in mind his other attacks such as Dark Barrage and Column Formation, which can easily kill you if you don't pay attention. Try and stay away from other players when he uses his Tracking Formation runes, as you may accidentally dodge into each others' runes and die.

Melee Strategy

Sir Kadee can prove a major pain for melee players, so try and be as conservative with your lives as possible. Let the ranged players damage him down to his Dark Power mode. Even when his Dark Power mode is active, try and play on the defensive and save your lives. That way, you'll have a significant reserve of lives for his Half-Bound mode, which is often so difficult it often comes down to killing Sir Kadee as quickly as possible before he exhausts all your lives.

When fighting Sir Kadee at close range, your primary attacks to be wary of are his Sword Throw, which deals major damage, and his Dark Pinwheel. His other attacks can also kill you if you're caught off-guard however, so be careful with your strafing.

How to Survive Dark Pinwheel

The movement required to survive Kadee's Dark Pinwheel is to keep your torso parallel to his blade through use of shiftlock. When his blade comes down to hit you, you must back away from it while rotating your torso to compensate for the changing arc of his blade, before readjusting your position to become parallel again with his next arc.

This is certainly easier said than done, and it is often a good strategy to have whoever is best at dodging the pinwheel take Sir Kadee's aggro when he uses the attack, lead him as far away as possible, and then dodge as long as you can. That way, even if you die, Kadee will most likely not be able to get close enough to the rest of your team and kill them. If no one on your team can dodge pinwheel somewhat well, then the next-best option would be to have your lowest-level Baller or Piercer lead Kadee away.

Christmas Wrath

Section 1: Taking Down the Gate + VS Christmas FOE

Taking down the gate is essentially a clone of the same section from Chapter 2. Simply follow the same strategy as that previous section and you should progress through without a hitch.

Christmas FOE himself is not a very tough fight, and ranged players can simply stand back and fire away. Melee players need only to watch for when he raises his sword, as that is the cue for him to unleash his Energy Discharge, to which they must only dash away from its effective radius.

Section 2: Taking Down the Other Gate + VS MerryWrath

The second gate section is essentially a higher-health version of the previous one, so again simply use the same strategies as you did before.

MerryWrath himself shares one pool of lives between his normal and crisis forms, so take care to be as conservative with your lives as possible during his normal phase.

Ranged Strategy

As a ranged player, your primary job during the normal phase is to damage MerryWrath, as the melee players will likely be trying to save their lives for his crisis mode. Stay as far away from him as possible, and watch for his energy discs, and you should have no issue.

For his crisis mode, care must be taken to not be within range of his Crisis Festive Detonation, and to keep strafing around him when he uses Snowball Flurry and Snowstorm.

Melee Strategy

As a melee player, try and be as careful with your lives as possible until he finally enters his crisis mode during his second fight. Let the ranged players damage him until then.

Your main concern should be with his Crisis Festive Detonation, which requires careful observation of his animations to determine when he's going to use it, before dodging away outside its radius. Strafe to avoid any of his projectiles as well.

Nature Wrath

Section 1: Taking Down the Gate + VS Spring FOE

Taking down the gate is essentially a clone of the same section from Chapter 2. Simply follow the same strategy as that previous section and you should progress through without a hitch. Once you clear the parkour, you will enter the Spring FOE fight.

Ranged Strategy

As a ranged player, your primary objective will be to eliminate the Sentinel Knights that spawn around the area. This is because your projectiles can hit the Sentinel Knights from any range, and will result in a quicker kill than a melee running up to attack them. Add auxiliary damage onto Spring FOE if the opportunity arises.

Melee Strategy

As a melee player, your primary objective will be to burn down Spring FOE's health as fast as possible to negate the healing from his Sentinel Knights. Spring FOE himself is not very mechanically difficult-- you need only to watch for when he raises his sword, as that is the cue for him to unleash his Nature Discharge, to which you must dash away from its effective radius.

Section 2: Taking Down More Gates + VS SpringWrath

Taking down the other two gates is simply a matter of repeating the same strategies you used on the first gate.

SpringWrath himself is a very long and challenging fight, so try and play defensively and die as little as possible.

Ranged Strategy

During SpringWrath's normal form, your primary objective will be to damage SpringWrath as much as possible so that the melee players can preserve their lives for his crisis mode. Keep Springwrath at a distance, taking care to avoid his energy disks and shurikens. Consider also baiting his Nature Stinger away from any melee players that may be too slow to outrun it.

During SpringWrath's crisis mode, there are far more shurikens and energy discs to dodge, as well as a few other attacks. His Leaf Cyclone can prove hard to dodge as the shurikens are hard to see, but if you stand further back enough and time your jumps properly, you may live. His Flower Rain can be dodged through strafing, and you can dodge his Petal Blast by timing your dashes with the audio cue.

Melee Strategy

SpringWrath overall is quite a hellish fight for melee players, so conserve your lives for his crisis mode so that you may burn his health down as fast as possible. Let the ranged players do the damage for his normal mode.

During normal mode, should you choose to damage him, try and save your dodge energy-- his shockwave and detonation require a fair amount of dodge energy to back away from, and his Nature Stinger especially will require lots of dodge energy. Nature Stinger does not have a very long warning animation, so a good strategy would be to begin backing away from him preemptively when you anticipate him making an attack.

Crisis mode is even more difficult, with larger AOEs, faster cast times, and far more attacks to dodge. His Leaf Cyclone usually doesn't enough damage to pose a significant threat, so simply back away and time your jumps to survive. His Flower Rain can be avoided through strafing, and his Petal Blast can be avoided by timing your dodges with the audio cue.

Additionally, many of his attacks during Crisis mode make him impervious to damage, so try and coordinate with your team members to deal as much damage to SpringWrath as possible before he can exhaust all your lives.

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