Alright, I'll cut you a break, I'm gonna split.
— You, telling a bad pun.

You Edit

"You" is dressed in a white shirt and black pants. "You" acts rather upbeat all the time, despite having to fight bosses that have the full intention of killing him. According to what Arcane Warlock says in chapter 6, "You" apparently wields all 4 of the masters' weapons. This means that "You" is not a representation of the players playing the game, but rather an actual character in BFS itself.

Trivia Edit

-"You" bears a resemblance to the other protagonists of SuperCloud9's games. Like Sam from TDW2 and Harry from The Wraith, "You" is a bald male with no actual clothes, but rather a colored torso and legs to give the impression of clothing.

-"You"'s Mana may be some of the most powerful Mana in BFS, due to the fact that he can wield four weapons, more than even Zhao can.

-"You" is known for making horrible puns.